NEW FOR 2016 – We will continue FREE SHIPPING FROM HERE ON OUT. That’s right, since the popularity of last year, we have decided to provide free shipping with ALL our products on orders of $35 or more. It’s our way of helping you save money to be better prepared.

Pioneer Survival – your leader in Outdoor Recreation, Sporting Goods, Preparedness Supplies, Emergency Kits and more! Pioneer Survival was formed with the idea that everyone should have the available equipment, tools, provisions and knowledge should a need every arise. At Pioneer Survival, we are dedicated to providing top quality products for camping, hiking, wilderness exploration, survival, and even emergency preparedness. But we like giving stuff away too, so gather ’round the Pioneer’s Journal as we share ideas, stories, and instructions on how to prepare and preserve food, find or make clean water, and many more ideas to prep your mind for whatever life throws at you. We are all pioneers, so we should all be prepared.

We have expanded our list of products to include some great name brand items. Below are two new products we just received. Check out these and other great items available from Pioneer Survival.